Thursday, July 29, 2010

Romance and Monsters combine for a compelling read

Journey into the dark and beautiful antediluvian world, to a tree village that is gripped by a strange terror - the drone of a ram's horn has just signaled the disappearance of another daughter. The Ninth Generation is more than monsters. It's a romantic survival saga set in the ancient and giant-breeding preflood earth, based upon the ancient Genesis mystery of angelic-human offspring referred to as the Nephilim (Genesis 6:4).

The real adventure begins on a night-time fishing expedition that turns deadly, forcing two members of Methuselah's household to withhold a terrifying secret. Screeching winged hunters, forty-foot gators, the behemoth and leviathan are all part of the mix. But the deeper intrigue comes through an under-river tunnel at a vine-shrouded nuptial palace on the island of Phlegra, birthplace of the giants.

The garden of Eden still exists but trespassers beware - the angelic sword is still poised. The perimeter however is regarded as a shrine at which Cainite priests exact sacrificial payments, and the masses are held in drug-aided servitude. Religion has become a deadly practice with no life or hope for the people.

Only the discovery of an Adamic clay tablet can unlock the truth - the first writings. And only a supernatural guidance and presence can rescue the one Lameck loves, and stop a powerful angelic adversary from genetically corrupting the human race.

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