Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dawn of Legends

Throughout history, every tribe and nation has been drawn to its legends…ancient stories, passed down in varied forms from generation to generation, incredible sounding to us today in our “evolved”, techno-insulated modern society. Some feed the imagination, involving half-human giants and fire-breathing dragons. Others stir the emotions, describing battles between good and evil, valiant rescues and kingdoms of eternal happiness. Sometimes we wonder how so many of these often-similar accounts might have arisen. Could there have been a beginning point…a place of truth, for what has become known as “myth”…a dawning of legends?

Beside the legends—deep within the human heart there is a yearning for a place of unspoiled beauty, long life and abundant provision. If the ultimate environment could ever enter the imagination, Rodinia or Pangaea, as it is called by some, would have been such a place. According to estimates by scientists who have examined the evidence in light of the Biblical record, this super-continent may have come into being within thousands, rather than many millions of years ago, following a unique galactic occurrence referred to by believers as “the beginning”. Those who lived in this earliest of civilizations, endowed with unusually long life-spans, perished, many in a global cataclysm, along with their cities and accomplishments. Global flooding combined with geologic upheavals, earthquakes and meteoric bombardment altered earth’s landscape to such a massive extent that today’s geography offers little clue to its pristine perfection. Even the atmosphere of early earth has changed, verified by laboratory analysis of air bubbles trapped in amber. Fortunately, such rapid burial has provided millions of fossils for study. Archeologists have unearthed the fossilized remains of huge people, gigantic beasts, lush foliage and towering forests, which testify to a past that was once an environmentally balanced, semi-tropical creation. Several ancient records in stone have been discovered, along with early manuscripts and records of a family that survived this disaster…all which together confirm the reality of this ancient and fascinating land…a place like none other we have ever seen. It is from the evidence of this age and the biblical record that this account of Adam’s sons emerges.

The story for The Ninth Generation is set in the nine-hundred and eighty-seventh year of recorded human history. The average life span was nine-hundred and twelve. Eve, the mother of the human race, had given birth to thirty-three sons and twenty-three daughters (according to Jewish teachings), who intermarried and continued to produce sons and daughters over their near-millennial life-times. There must have been multitudes of Adam’s descendents living upon this early earth, along with the Nephilim (Genesis 6:4). Most of Cain’s descendents, and perhaps most of the population, lived in and around the cities which were fathered by Cain. However, with great violence and evil upon the earth, the godly remnant of Sethites, out of which Noah’s family would come, separated themselves in order to preserve their righteousness and protection with Elohim. The nine patriarchs, Adam through Lamech, who fathered Noah’s family that produced the later nations, were all still alive at this time in history, except for Adam, who died at the age of nine-hundred and thirty. The genetic information within every life form was complete and designed to perpetuate its kind, with diversity and beauty. The climate was ideal in this lush semi-tropical paradise, with no storms or polar ice. The fountains below and the waters above maintained a perfect balance of moisture and temperature…but all of this would change.

Although the specific account is fictional, the setting and many of the characters names and ages—along with the creatures—are based upon the Biblical record and writings believed to have originated with Enoch, as well as resources from the field of Creation-Science. Other factual resources were used to gain additional insight into this unique time period. This writer has invested years of research into the subject of creation and the early earth and believes that the story in all its details fits a conservative Biblical time-line and interpretation of Genesis.

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