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The Missing Movie on Fallen Angels and Demons

We’ve been hearing about angels and demons quite a bit lately thanks to the popularity of the movie and book by Dan Brown. The author is adept at dramatizing religious mysteries as seen also with the Da Vinci Code – and yet another, The Lost Symbol. If you’re into conspiracy theories or simply love a fast-paced mystery bordering on the supernatural, Brown’s novels are sure to entertain.

However, a far greater mystery – one which I am amazed has not yet manifested in film – is the ancient revelation of fallen angels and women that resulted in a race of giants. It is found in the early verses of Genesis, chapter six.

This shadowy controversial passage of the Old Testament has caused irreconcilable concern for generations of readers, and produced pages of commentaries with alternative meanings. Yet, a straight-forward reading from most any translation is still an eye-raising experience and it will be surprising to many how strong the historic support is for such a bizarre angelic-human happening. All this makes it even more perplexing that no movie company has attempted to capitalize on this deeply embedded religious mystery.

To help clarify the passage (Gen. 6:4), let us draw upon Hebrew / Jewish understanding of these ancient writings, as published in The Torah: “It was then, and later too, that the Nephilim appeared on earth – when the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.” [Nephilim is translated as giants, and the Hebrew words translated as divine beings are translated as angels in other versions of the Bible] Other passages in Jude (6-7) and 2 Peter (2:4) may well point to this event.

Based upon these early documents, the deep dark secret little discussed in the church does exist as a strong possibility. Why then is it being ignored…because it happened too long ago to leave any lab evidence? Or is it that the idea is too disturbing to accept? I’ll quickly admit that such a thing as angels and humans producing giant offspring is extremely disturbing, outside of a movie – although demonic play (deceptive) with humans is gaining acceptance within our twisted culture.

What are demons, anyway? Are they as some teach, fallen angels, and should we look outside of the Bible for answers? It may be of interest that the writings of Enoch are quoted from in the Bible and were read by the early church. For some reason the governing council decided not to include them in the later canon (approved collection of books). But it is within these writings that much revelation emerges not only on the subject of demonic spirits but also about the Nephilim.

My own faith (and future expectation) does not spring from the book of Enoch, but neither is it weakened by it. In ages past it was the prophets like Enoch, who walked with God, that were used to communicate special truths to mankind. So we would do well to at least consider the content of his writings while searching for keys to these ancient mysteries.

In brief, what does he say? If accurate, a copy of Enoch’s writings reveals that there were a number of angels, sometimes referred to as watchers, which transgressed their God-given domain and used their powers to charm and take for themselves women. Their offspring became the giant heroes of the land, the Nephilim, with characteristics of both angels and humans. Upon death their spirits were consigned to earth thus becoming evil spirits seeking other bodies to inhabit and control. As giants they became cannibals and as spirits they sought human destruction – apparent vengeance for their reduced state of being.

Think on this. If the earth before the flood of Noah’s day had become a land of encroaching giants, how narrowly did a remnant of humanity manage to survive? Does the name of Noah’s father, Lameck – which means “conqueror” – relate to their survival? How else would life have been affected by the great creatures like Leviathan and Behemoth that reportedly once existed upon this earth? Perhaps it all seems too extraordinary to consider – understandable if one is not aware of the detailed prophecies fulfilled hundreds of years after they were written. God’s written Word is one witness. His Holy Spirit is a second witness to an even far greater event that transpired in the fullness of time – the Seed long ago promised to Adam and Eve in the garden finally manifested as the Son of God, Jesus Christ, to destroy the works of the devil and to shed His blood for the salvation of all those who turn to Him in repentance.

Such things as the Nephilim I had never heard discussed in Sunday-school class (or even in seminary), perhaps for good reason – too little Scripture on the subject and too much imagination required. But I am still looking forward to seeing the movie, one day – maybe helped by the novel I finally managed to publish after five years of research and writing. But then again, who would ever invest such money to create a scene showing Leviathan rising from the Pison River to consume a Cainite apprentice priest in 3,017 BC? Would people even come to see a movie about a world that no longer exists?

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