Thursday, January 14, 2010

Captivating Novel Transports Reader into Ancient World of the Nephilim

The cry of a ram’s horn pierces the stillness of a tree village – the terrifying signal that another daughter has vanished from the valley. Suddenly, the reader finds himself facing a fourteen-foot enemy in a world unlike any he has imagined. It’s The Ninth Generation from Adam, and the fast-moving suspense of a family caught between a land of giants and the invasion of destructive spiritual forces.

What was it like living on the eve of global cataclysm as described in the book of Genesis? How incredible it seems that a race called the Nephilim were the offspring of fallen angels and daughters of mankind. Yet the author, John L. Owens, has done his research carefully, finding support in numerous early historical documents, in addition to the Biblical record. “The intent of the novel, The Ninth Generation,” says Owens, “was to provide a high-stakes adventure that would entertain and reward by imaginatively portraying a world view based on Biblical history.”

The antediluvian earth is one of the great mysteries of ancient record, with human inhabitants whose life spans approached the thousand year mark, and creatures as described in the book of Job that terrorized both sea and land. Fossil remains still testify to some of the plants and animals that once existed, so huge as to dwarf today’s varieties. While categorized as historic fiction, The Ninth Generation follows the Genesis scriptural account with insights from early historical records and scientific research.

For those interested in reading (and learning) more about the world that was, and delving into the mystery of the Nephilim giants along with the faithful remnant – the one family that escaped, this read may be for you. If spiritual warfare intrigues, and romance adds flavor, discover the real story that continued all the way from that first garden. Go to the author’s book site – – and see what other readers are saying. Step back into Genesis and get into the first few chapters to see for yourself. The Ninth Generation is recommended reading by L.A. Marzulli (online and radio), and Cheryl James with The Nephilim Files.

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