Friday, May 16, 2008

Imagining the novel2

The main character / protagonist is Lamech, Noah’s father. Noah would be too late. My interest is in exploring the time period before the flood, before man’s longevity began to decline, and when all the evil was so escalated that God saw no other way than to wipe it all out. To maintain historical (biblical) accuracy, Lamech is the last of the “good guys” (Seth’s lineage) and able to actually meet and talk with Adam, while he was still alive. Nine generations, Adam through Lamech, all still alive and able to compare notes and pass down wisdom and knowledge. The thought of such a gathering / family reunion is intriguing. Their life-spans were phenomenal, close to a thousand years. Lamech’s name means “conqueror”. He is not yet married even though 112 years-of-age.

There are giants also living on the earth at this time, products of strange unions of fallen angels and the daughters of man. That interpretation of Genesis 6:4 is supported by many conservative Biblical scholars, as well as in The Torah – where the “sons of God” are referred to as “Divine beings”. The fallen angels somehow selected and took those they wanted. Maybe they looked through the eyes of pterodactyls or other creatures to spot them – as Lucifer was able to enter the serpent - or simply noticed the daughters of men themselves. Angels are usually invisible to humans, so they could have done their own search and procurement, unless protective “good” angels stood in their way. However it happened, they marked certain particularly attractive women. Did they send a hunting party to surprise and seize them, or ploy them personally through their supernatural charms? Perhaps the descendants of Cain were more willing to cooperate than the daughters of Seth / the godly line. But would that not make the forbidden fruit / less available ladies seem sweeter to the “gods”?

How many seizures will it take before Lamech is righteously moved to go after them? Enoch – the one who walked with God – would certainly align his abilities and intercessions to help his grandson. Their warfare has to be different than employed by the Nephilim / giant angelic-human offspring, to come against spiritual forces. They have the guidance of Enoch’s prophetic voice and the power of the blood / prefigured through the animals, which strikes paralyzing fear into the demonic fallen spiritual beings.

Like a puzzle, bit by bit the pieces start to fit together; but a year of research and plotting would take place before story writing began.

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