Saturday, May 31, 2008

Imagining the novel3

Just as in real life, the flow of events within the novel – to be interesting – must contain at least three major surprises and setbacks to seriously threaten the realization and goal of the protagonist (Lameck).The first - the mysterious murder of his betrothed. The second - the spiritual possession of Lameck by one of the Nephilim that threatens to destroy his family. Only through the intervention of Enoch and the small voice of faith can he be set free. He then must journey into the heart of evil, through places of great danger – a sacrificial temple, a mysterious island on which the giants are born, and a river inhabited by that great water serpent, Leviathan - in order to rescue his loved ones, and to save the human race from genetic destruction. Enoch vanishes in the process. The story ends with the restoration of a godly wife for Lameck, one he meets during his adventure, who proves her worth as a covenant companion to a conqueror. Their future son, Noah, is named.

What am I hoping to accomplish? Here was a time of intense corruption and evil, when men’s thoughts were on evil continually. Yet, a godly remnant somehow managed to maintain their walk with God and give birth to the only righteous family on the face of the earth. How did they do it in the midst of such worldwide corruption and ungodly pressure? There is a secret, yet not really a secret, for us today who would be overcomers. There is also encouragement to those who would walk with God to hang in there despite what is seen around us. Of course I prayerfully hope to produce a read that will be intriguing and well done. But, I sense that a higher goal than entertainment is God’s calling on my time and all that I do. This is to His glory and I anticipate that He will use it to bring a warning to those outside of His ark - an urging to enter - and encouragement for the believer to reach out to others and be strong in the faith. So, in a way, it’s a vicarious adventure but, of eternal importance, it’s a faith-builder. Maybe it will cause some to pick up the Bible and see for themselves what’s in it.

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